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To the Christian Reader

Judaism is a kind of cosmic red line even for the wealthiest, the most famous and most powerful movers and shakers on this planet. Astonishing, is it not? There are men and women of steel and kings of the business deal who will face down any foe or competitor, but flee in dread from the least sign of rabbinic opposition. They won’t cross that red line. They know it means the termination of their reputation, career and business, no matter who they are or how much they command in resources and materials. Presidents, popes, prime ministers and moguls all fall down like dominoes before Talmudic supremacy. In our colleges and universities Talmudic and Zionist thought cops are on patrol, vigilantly detecting the least whiff of critical investigation and skepticism toward Judaism’s claims about itself, quick to expose this „slander” and document that „chilling” account of academic freedom „misused” to question the facade which Orthodox Judaism projects to the world.

(Michael Hoffman, Judaism discovered)

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